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June 7, 2019 Episode #29

10 Things You Need to Know Before Moving Your Business

Many business owners find moving their office to be a daunting task. In this episode of Planning for Life Podcast, Carl Coolidge helps you understand the logistics of moving as he unpacks the top 10 things you must know before moving day.

In this episode, you will learn:

– Why your technology (e.g. computers, phone systems, and Internet) should be your top priority on moving day
– How to coordinate your moving day to ensure all pieces come together and things arrive when they should
– How to determine which security systems you should use on your moving day as well as moving forward in your new location
– How to inform your clients and customers of your new location (and how to do it according to building codes)
– How to prepare for your move in the weeks leading up to it
– And more!

Tune in and learn how to prepare for a change in your business’s location!


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