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November 19, 2018 Episode #10

How to Succeed Financially as a Physician

Physicians need a financial planner who understands the joys and challenges that come with a career in medicine.

Enter, Carl Coolidge.

Carl and his team specialize in creating comprehensive financial plans that meet physicians’ unique needs. Carl has been serving physicians for over 20 years and finds great enjoyment working with this clientele.

In this episode, Carl explains the unique financial challenges that physicians face and the financial mistakes he has seen physicians make. Carl also discusses what type of insurance physicians are usually eager to get, and —don’t miss this— Carl shares his biggest call to action for doctors who are just starting their careers.

Tune in and learn how Carl and his team can help you succeed financially as a physician. Then, call their office at 912-265-2876 to chat about building your own long-term game plan.

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