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May 27, 2019 Episode #27

How to Use a 401(k) Offered Through Your Employer

Do you know how to use the 401(k) that is offered through your workplace?

Many employees don’t, and that’s an issue Carl Coolidge is addressing in today’s episode. Listen in as Carl explains how to handle an employer-offered 401(k).

In this episode, you will learn:

-Why you need to understand what your employer-matching structure is and how to use that information to decide how much to contribute
-Why you should define your risk tolerance and fully understand how that fits into your overall financial situation
-Why it’s important to start laying the groundwork early for your 401(k) contributions and stick with it long term
-And more!

Tune in to this episode of Planning for Life Podcast to learn about 401(k)s offered through employers!


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