Planning for Life Podcast

In our “Planning for Life” podcasts we share strategies & ideas for overcoming challenges in your personal and financial life.
October 22, 2018 Episode #1

Introduction to Carl Coolidge

In this first episode of the Planning for Life Podcast, you’ll meet Carl Coolidge of Jacobs Coolidge & Company in Brunswick, Georgia.

Impassioned by his work, Carl discusses the personalized and creative approach that he and his colleagues take to address all of their clients’ financial needs.

While he enjoys working with a diverse range of clients, most of Carl’s clients are small business owners and physicians. Like Carl, his clients place a high value on family. They appreciate Carl’s holistic approach, which includes planning for the cost of college and retirement.

Tune in and learn more about Carl, your new host of the Planning for Life Podcast—your source for creative financial strategies.

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