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December 14, 2018 Episode #13

What You Need to Know About Your 401(k) — With Guest, Jim Jacobs

“Am I contributing enough money to my 401(k)?”

That’s the number one question that clients ask special guest, Jim Jacobs, a financial advisor who specializes in working with 401(k)s. In today’s episode, Jim explains how he helps clients arrive at a confident decision.

But that not’s all. Here’s what you will learn about in this episode:

-Whether just contributing enough for the employer match is sufficient
-Common plan participant mistakes to avoid
-Why diversification and asset allocation are important parts of your plan
-How 401(k)s impact income taxes
-And more!

Tune in now and learn know to make the most of your 401(k) plan!


Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss in declining markets. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will outperform a non-diversified portfolio or that diversification among asset classes will reduce risk.

Financial plan recommendations can be implemented with the advisor of your choosing. Implementation of specific products or services may result in commissions or fees outside of the financial plan fee. Periodic reviews of your financial plan may require a new planning agreement and result in additional fees.

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